As the saying goes, "Many hands make light work."
Join us to make the work of democracy better for everyone.
The Polk County Democrats maintain seven standing committees. These committees allow us to spread to work out among many people, ensuring an effective and collaborative process.

The Candidate Committee determines what positions are open and assists in identifying and recruiting potential candidates. They also assist candidates in all aspects of campaigns toward the goal of having more Democrats serving in local, state, and national offices.

The Communications Committee is responsible for framing, consistency, and delivery of communications and the promotion of meetings and events. The Chair of the Communications Committee serves as the press officer and spokesperson of the Central Committee to ensure coordination of all activities before press releases and other communications are issued.

The Events Committee organizes regular and special events, such as party participation in local fairs and shows, coordinating fundraising events, and assists in communicating with the general public toward the goal of having an engaged, informed citizenry.

The Fundraising Committee coordinates fundraising to ensure a financially strong county party. They develop and implement a strategic plan to make sure that we always have enough money to support good candidates and make a difference in local races when it really counts.
Platform & Legislative Action

The Platform & Legislative Action Committee reviews legislation and resolutions important to Polk County on both the local and national levels. They propose positions for ratification and prepare a legislative agenda for the Central Committee to support.
Process & Rules

The Process & Rules Committee assesses procedures and bylaws, and makes recommendations for changes towards the goal of maintaining a strong, sustainable organization. They also maintain our Policy and Procedure manual.
Volunteer Recruitment & Precinct Support

The Volunteer Recruitment & Precinct Support Committee recruits, trains, coordinates, and retains volunteers and precinct committeepersons to keep Polk County Democrats actively engaged.
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