Welcome to the Polk County Democratic Central Committee Website


♦ Our primary objective this election season is getting Paul Evans reelected to House District 20. If you'd like to help out on the campaign, please contact his office at paul@paulevans.org or call (971) 273-0112. Paul is the most qualified person for the job, hands down. The lack of qualifications on the part of his opponent was keenly pointed out in this week's Salem Weekly editorial.

"Perhaps the prize for the most unqualified of this bunch belongs to Laura Morett, who again, like Trump and Pierce, wants to vault into a high elected office without any experience whatsoever in public life. None. Unless of course you count her stint on the TV reality show Survivor where her website says “she was known for excelling in the puzzle challenges.” Oh, and she has worked in the Capitol Lobby Message Center taking phone messages for lobbyists, and has taught fitness classes. Her campaign website says she is a “concerned community member” and exhibits “vivacious leadership.” Right."

Read the whole editorial here.

NOTICE: We've switched our meeting dates to the 4th Friday of odd numbered months: January, March, May, July, September, and November. Our next meeting is scheduled for Friday, September 23 at 6:30 at the Independence Library.

♦ The Polk County Democrats meet monthly, during odd numbered months, at the Independence Library, 175 Monmouth St, Independence. In the even numbered months, we host Drinking Liberally - Polk County. Please follow our Facebook page for up to date details on meetings and Drinking Liberally events. 

This information is current as of February 2015. Contact Shannon Cockayne with any questions or issues with this web site.