Welcome to the Polk County Democratic Central Committee Website


Meetings are held on the 1st Thursdays of each month @ 6:30 PM. Meetings are held at the Independence Public Library, 175 Monmouth Street, Independence. 

The Democratic Party of Polk County will be electing County Democrats to help shape the Platform of the Democratic Party of Oregon. Registered Democrats in Polk County are eligible to run at our February Central Committee. If you are interested in participating at the Platform Convention, please join us at our February Meeting.

Next Polk County Democratic Central Committee Meeting: February 1st 2018 6:30PM Independence Library 

Next Polk County Democratic Communications Committee Meeting: February 25th, 2018, 6:00 PM. Julia Brown's home.


Let's fight for the middle class, fix the broken immigration system, address global climate change, and defend affordable healthcare!

Our mission is to build and protect a safe, prosperous, and sustainable Oregon. We engage and empower people in the political process to steward the common good.

We believe in justice, liberty, and equal opportunity for everyone - regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, wealth, political position, gender, sexual orientation, or family status.

We support healthy communities, a clean environment, economic opportunity, and quality education and health care for all. 

It's been a year since our reorganization.  In November 2016, the Polk County Democrats Central Committee held their reorganizational meeting. In this meeting the committee voted for their new executive team as well as the group that will represent Polk County at the State Central Committee and the CD 5 Committee. Our new officers and delegates are listed below.

Chair: Evan Sorce (evansorce41@gmail.com)

Vice Chair Position 1: Alan Holland (alanholland2@comcast.net)

Vice Chair Position 2: Patty Nevue (nevue@aol.com)

Secretary: George Neujahr (geo.neujahr@gmail.com)

Budget Manager: Linda Williams (linda.e.williams51@gmail.com

SCC Members: 

Delegate 1: George Neujahr

Delegate 2: Shannon Cockayne

Delegate 3: Steve Emerson

Alternative 1: Wanda Davis

Alternative 2: Alan Holland

Alternative 3: Linda Williams

CD 5 Members:

Delegate 1:Amanda Deyerle

Delegate 2: Timothe Seelbach

Delegate 3: Evan Sorce

Alternative 1: Sandra Harris

Alternative 2: Steve Emerson 

Alternative 3: Greg Gregg

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