Officers and Committee Persons


Chair:  George Neujahr (   
Vice-Chair Position 1:  Alan Holland  (
Vice-Chair Position 2: Patricia Nevue (
Secretary: Vacant
Budget Manager:  Linda Williams (

Precinct Committee Persons (PCP's):

Delegates to the State Central Committee:

Position 1: George Neujahr
Position 2: Shannon Cockayne
Position 3: Steve Emerson 
1st Alternate: Wanda Davis
2nd Alternate: Alan Holland
3rd Alternate: Linda Williams

Delegates to the Fifth Congressional District Committee:

Delegate: Amanda Deyerle
Delegate: Timothe Seelbach
Delegate: Evan Sorce
1st Alternate: Sandra Harris
2nd Alternate: Steve Emerson
3rd Alternate: Greg Gregg